Rook Application


Rook Application

Post by Rook on Tue Dec 29, 2015 8:57 pm

Your Age (min Age is 15): 16

How often do you use teamspeak?: Usually in the teamspeak if i am needed

How active are you?: Play every night for a few hours

Little something about yourself: I'm a high school student who sits in his room talking to mates for shits and giggles every night

Do you have a mic and if so do you use it alot?: Always

How long have you been in the community?: 5 ish weeks

On a scale of 1-10 how good do you rate yourself at fixing problems?: 8.5

Why do you want to become help desk(75 Words): I want to become a member of help desk because i enjoy helping members of the community and fixing problems for other people i find myself to be good in resolving argument and problems and been able to keep a distance to be able too see both sides of argument allowing for a better conclusion that will hopefully leaving both wronged parties satisfied with the end result but mainly i just to help people who need it

Do you have experience in help desk/support?:None

What time zone are you in?:EST

Have you ever been banned from any of our severs?: No

Do you want a Future Moderator/Admin on any of our severs if why?: Not really seems like a effort

Showing us that you are good at your help desk position (if accepted) will give you a higher chance of getting moderator once you apply for it!




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Re: Rook Application

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