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General Rules

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Vehicular Fines
- Illegal parking - $700 OR vehicle impound OR direction to immediately move vehicle
- Speeding - $5000
- Driving go-kart outside of the track - $8000 and vehicle impound
- Driving without licence - $5000 and vehicle impound
- Driving under the influence - 5000
- Driving illegal truck mission - $50,000 and vehicle impound
- Reckless driving - $8,000 and vehicle impound
- Landing inside city limits - $10,000 and vehicle impound
- Evading police via vehicle - $15,000 and vehicle impound
- Failure to stop at checkpoint - $12,500 and player/vehicle search
- Attempted Vehicle Theft - $10,000
- Vehicle Theft - $20,000 and vehicle impound

- Speeding must be detected with the P07 speed radar function.
- When fining someone for vehicle theft, if you can return the car to the owner, you don't need to impound it.

Minor Offences
- Failure to comply with move on direction - $2,000
- Verbal Abuse - $2,000
- Obstruction of police - $5,000
- Trespassing on government land - $7,000

- Trolling police - $8,000
- Trolling police (2nd offence) - Jail
(This is just a way to allow police to warn and deal with trolls - non-minor trolling may be dealt with by admins

Cop Rules
Tasing/arrest procedure
You feel an imminent threat/danger to your person
-You perceive an imminent threat/danger to another officer/civilian.
-The civilian’s actions are endangering their own well being or imminent danger to public/private property.
-You may only taser a player out of vehicle if said vehicle is going under 30km/h

Probable cause to search
You have reason to search a player under the following circumstances;
-Suspect name is found on the wanted list. (Search player and Vehicle)
-Refusing to stop for police. (on foot or in a vehicle)
-Wearing Rebel gear. (non-weapons eg. ghillie, gas-mask - You can only search the player)
-Refusing to leave an area where a crime has occurred. (if not already under investigation).
-Operating a vehicle without the required license/s. (Search player and Vehicle)
-Purposefully driving around (or backtracking) a checkpoint to avoid being searched. (Search player and vehicle)
-Police have right to check person and cars that go through the checkpoint, for inspections.
Before releasing a civilian check first for;
Any outstanding warrants.
-Illegal items (drugs, firearm)
-Check that all licenses for the situation or the possession of particular items is present.

-Civilians will be arrested for looking in Police or Civilian backpacks/vehicles without permissions first offense public execution second offense 3 day ban.
-Civilians can be arrested for following, Trolling Police, Obstructing Police, Suspected Spotting/reporting.
-Civilians or Criminal Gangs (Including Members of Cartels) who take up arms to kill Police in towns must declare the takeover every 5mins they are in the location.
-Following or harassing Police for long periods of time will be considered griefing or spamming.
-Open and shutting boom gates at Police HQ or checkpoint when Police are trying to enter/leave will be counted as griefing/trolling.
-Jumping in and out of Police Vehicles while restrained will lead to a 1 day ban.
-You must give reason as of why the player is being sent to jail and give them a chance to justify their actions.

Vehicles/General Rules
-No aircraft can land within the city, not on a helipad, without authorization from the highest ranking officer online
-A helipad can be closed during a police operation, however only for a short time (10 mins.)
-No aircraft can fly low (less than 220 meters) ever the city without authorization from the highest ranking officer online.
-No aircraft can hold/hover over the city unless their is a active police operation
-No aircraft can land on a road
-Vehicles in a parking area (not allocated parking areas) should not be impounded without reasonable time
-Vehicles that are abandoned or broken with no driver in the near area can be impounded
-Any vehicle that hasn't moved in a fair amount of time (10mins) should be impounded
-Any vehicle blocking off places should also be
Daily Tasks
A cop is allowed to patrol any area such as roads and/or towns.
Patrols can not include illegal areas (Drug Farms etc)

-The main purpose of checkpoints are to help prevent illegal activity and promote safety.
-A checkpoint must consist of three officers and two vehicles.
-Checkpoints don't have to be marked on the map, but it does help other cops for refrence.
Use of force
A very important section, make sure to read it over before playing as a cop

-Lethal force is only permitted for the protection of your, other officer's, or civilian life, if and only if non-lethal force would not be more effective
-Discharging a weapon when not under threat, or while not in training, is strictly forbidden and any officer found performing this action will be removed from the server and suspended from the Police Force
-Failure to follow proper weapon discipline and procedure will result in a removal from the server and a suspension from the Police Force

Non-lethal (taser)
Tasers should only be used to incapacitate non-complying civilian in order to restrain them
Random discharge of a taser will result in a suspension
Only use a taser in complia
nce with the laws and rules

-All cops must be in the designated cop channel on the correct teamspeak server. Failure to do so will result in a removal from the server. (kick)
-Joining Teamspeak before is recommended, but not required. Failure to join after 5 minutes will result in a removal from the server

Extra Note
-A cop is not allowed to give a civilian his weapon for any reason.

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