Administrator Application


Administrator Application

Post by BroBeans on Mon Mar 07, 2016 8:15 pm

- Name: BroBeans

- Your Age: 19

- Server you are applying for: Altis Life

- Do you know any of the current Team member: Yes

- Why Should We Pick You To Be A Member Of The Administrator Team(50+ words) I believe I would suit this team because of my amazing skillset. I've been a developer and administrator for various communities for a number of years. I'm a good bloke and love having a laugh. Very experienced and open minded. So yeah, Pick BroBeans for Admin because you love me.

- Do You Have A Microphone: Yes

- How Long Have You Been Part Of Empire|Gaming: A few months now

- Do You Have Any Past Administrator Experience: Yes.

Scenario #1 - Someone has been reported of hacking, how do you proceed to come to a conclusion:  Spectate, check logs, monitor ping. Call them out, see how they react, see if they stop acting "sus"

Scenario #2 – Someone becomes abusive towards you after you have made a discussion to kick a player, you have sufficient evidence as to why you kicked him, how do you handle the abusive player: Leave the channel.





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