Thorp's Modd App


Thorp's Modd App

Post by Guest on Mon Feb 01, 2016 7:21 pm

- Name: Drew Thorpe

- Your Age: 16

- Server you are applying for: Takistan Life/Altis Life

- Do you know any of the current Team member: K-9_6000

- Why Should We Pick You To Be A Member Of The Administrator Team(50+ words): Ive had a lot of experience with others servers being mod and have scripted for multiple different mods  e.g. Takistan Life, Arma 3 Life, Altis Life, Invade and Annex and Wasteland i have a lot more script that will help the server excell to above the best and im mature

- Do You Have A Microphone: yes

- How Long Have You Been Part Of Empire|Gaming: 2-3 weeks

- Do You Have Any Past Administrator Experience: Yes me and a friends have made multiple server for our personal use and are ran from a server computer we did it for fun have made altis life, arma 3 life, takistan  invade and annex and wasteland

Scenario #1 - Someone has been reported of hacking, how do you proceed to come to a conclusion: Ask for some evidence, get names of possible hacker/glitcher and spectate him in game check if the admin password had been changed ect check if anyone else is in the admin panel if so drag them up and ask them if not ban them perm for there actions and also tell all other staff at that time and get there opinions

Scenario #2 – Someone becomes abusive towards you after you have made a discussion to kick a player, you have sufficient evidence as to why you kicked him, how do you handle the abusive player: remain calm and show them the evidence let them watch/look and ask for there opinion on the situation give them a chance to explain there selfs and if not ban them for appropriate days for there action




Re: Thorp's Modd App

Post by Chicksloveit on Mon Feb 01, 2016 7:49 pm

There are currently no spots for mod but we are looking currently for Helpdesk if your interested for that ?




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