Police Whitelisting for Taki and Altis


Police Whitelisting for Taki and Altis

Post by Chicksloveit on Sun Jan 31, 2016 1:00 pm

Teamspeak Name:

In Game Name:

Player ID:


Hours played as an officer:

Hours played in ArmA 3 altis/Taki or both :

What Server are you applying for (Altis or Taki ?):

Who are your two referrals?( must be Sergeant or above):

Have you ever been kicked or banned from our servers? Why and how long?:

Why would you like to become a white listed officer (100 words)?:

What would you like to bring to the police department or TDF (100 words)?:

--==Terms Of Service==--

By posting this application, I [sign here] will RP correctly and ensure the safety of the people of Altis/Taki. If I am caught with valid evidence Fail RPing while on-duty, I may have my rank stripped and a 1 week blacklist from the force which includes the EPD/TDF and SWAT/NATO. I shall listen to superiors at all times and go through monthly training when scheduled. If I can not make the next training session, I will post a reply on the forum thread stating a valid reason of my absence.




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