Uber chenski | Moderator | Application


Uber chenski | Moderator | Application

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- Name: Zachary

- Your Age: 16

- Server you are applying for: Takistan

- Do you know any of the current Team member: k9

- Why Should We Pick You To Be A Member Of The Moderator Team?(50+ words)
I have great talking skills with people and I don't become frustrated with people or situations that are hard to deal with. I will just get through them and get the situation over and done with and on to the next problem some one needs help with. I'm also on almost every day after school and on later on the weekends. I have over 1200 hours on arma and know how the game works and its glitches. most of my hours are on RolePlay servers.
- Do You Have A Microphone?: yes

- How Long Have You Been Part Of Empire|Gaming?: not very long

- Do You Have Any Past Moderator Experience?: Yes on a server that my mate made was only up for a few months

Scenario #1 - Someone has been reported of hacking, how do you proceed to come to a conclusion: I would have to ask the player who reported the other player for video evidence. I would also watch the player who was hacking in game for about 10 minutes to see if he was actually hacking in game. if the person who had reported the guy for hacking showed proof that he was hacking i would send it to a higher up admin to see what he could do.

Scenario #2 – Someone becomes abusive towards you after you have made a discussion to kick a player, you have sufficient evidence as to why you kicked him, how do you handle the abusive player: I would simply and calmly talk to the player that was kick and proceed to tell him why he was kicked and show him the video/screenshot, If he continues to swear and abuse an admin. I would ask a higher up person what to do or give him a longer/perm ban.




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