OutcastedOne's App


OutcastedOne's App

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Name: Brosnan

Age: 18

What area of development do you specialize in (Must be one of our current servers Altis Life and Wasteland)
: Video Development, Website Development

Have you been a part of a dev team before? If yes what kind of server and why did you leave?:
Not for a server, have made websites for businesses. And videos for people.

How long have you been a part of Empiregaming?: about a week, have worked with MrDripselz/Brandon on multiple occasions.

Why do you want to be a part of the Empiregaming developing team?: I have been looking to be part in a growing community that is dedicated to continuously improve.

How long have you been Scripting/Developing for?: I have been developing websites for about a year or so with MrDripslez

What can you bring to the community with your developing skills? (Min 50 Words): I can video edit and I can develop a website.

Examples/Proof of your previous work (Screenshots,Previous Scripts written by yourself or a project you have worked on. etc.): Hextechau.com am currently working on a website for a Photography business.

Do you understand that taking this responsibility requires a large amount of time and commitment to continually bring out updates which meet our community needs?: Yesh

Do you understand that if you decide to leave you cannot take your work that you have done with us with you? But however your credits will still remain clearly: Yesh

Do you agree not to edit or change anything community related without the permission off higher up fellow staff members? eg; scripts, vehicle prices ect: Yesh

Can you write your own scripts from scratch or have any previous coding language experience e.g C++,C Sharp,Java Script,Visual Basic,Html,Python? : currently learning all of the above.

Have you ever run your own server before? Nope




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Thanks dad




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