Empire S.W.A.T Template


Empire S.W.A.T Template

Post by DJ_JoozBrorg on Thu Jan 21, 2016 10:40 am

Requirements for this position are below.
Currently a sergeant with the EPD
Have played on this server for at least 2 months
Have a working microphone
RPs very well
Knows what he/she is doing
*Title Your Application "(Your Name) - SWAT Application"*

Copy the following and paste in a new thread within the category of "Police Applications"

1.) In-Game Name* -
2.) TeamSpeak Name* -
3.) Age IRL* -
4.) Time Played On Server* -
5.) GUID (Long number found in player profile)* -

--==Background Info==--
6.) What position are you applying for? -
7.) How long have you been a part of the EPD? -
8.) What is your current rank in the EPD? -
9.) Will you be able to work with the current SWAT members? -


10.) Federal Reserve is being robbed -
11.) A shoot out has started around 6.7 Km away from the HQ where you are stationed -
12.) A bomb threat has been received and the location is at Kavala Square -
13.) An armed robbery has begun at the gas station next to Gang Hideout 1 -
14.) A fellow officer is taken hostage for ransom -
15.) A prison transport is moving along the highway and notices a roadblock ahead -

--==Terms Of Service==--

By posting this application, I [sign here] will RP correctly and ensure the safety of the people of Altis. If I am caught with valid evidence Fail RPing while on-duty, I may have my rank stripped and a 1 week blacklist from the force which includes the EPD and SWAT. I shall listen to superiors at all times and go through monthly training when scheduled. If I can not make the next training session, I will post a reply on the forum thread stating a valid reason of my absence.
[sign here]

Application Finished
(You will be whitelisted on the server on the next whitelisting date)





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