AmiiRyo's Mod Application


AmiiRyo's Mod Application

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IGN: AmiiRyo

What Server You Are Applying For: Feudal PvP

Your Age: 13

Average weekly playtime: Everyday from about 3 - 4 hrs

Total Minecraft playtime: i have been playing since 2012

Little Something About Yourself: I am a very active person when it comes to minecraft and i might be young but am very trust worthy and responsible for being staff on a minecraft server.

Do you know any of the current Staff members? If so who? The Owners and website coder

Why Should We Pick You To Be A Member Of The Staff Team*? I love helping players and will be there to keep the chat clear and help the players in need. I can usally tell when people are confused and/or stuck and i will help them right away. and i can am a good pvper aswell. I do not abuse ever and i will continue not to.

What Can You Bring To The Empire Gaming Staff Team*? I will donate on a weekly/monthly basis, and i will get rid of Hackers, Cheaters, etc. I will bring a better community overall and i will be very helpful when it comes to anything.

Do You Have A Mic And If So Do You Use It Alot? Its broken

How Long Have You Been In The Community? Just joined Razz and i think its a server that i can help out and be useful towards.

Have You Ever Been Banned From A Server Before (Server, Reason)? Advertisement for a server (AussiePvP)
To build up popularity.

Do You Have Any Past Moderator Experience (Server, Game, Role)? I was Admin on WamboCombo (That is shut down due to ddosing) and Co-Owner on AussiePvP and am currently mod on a server.

What Time Zone Are You In? Australia, Melbourne(EST) I do stay up alot though

Scenario #1 - You are in a channel with two people sorting out a situation, the two people break out into an argument about how the other is in the wrong. What do you do? I would calm them down and ask them to tell me what is going on and i would tell them where i agree/disagree and figure out who's wrong/right.

Scenario #2 - You see someone breaking NLR, you tell him that it's wrong and he continues to do it. What do you do? (Skip if applying for Wasteland, I&A)
(NRL isss?)

Scenario #3 - Someone has been reported of hacking, you think they're potentially hacking but aren't 100%. What do you do? Go invis and tp to them and watch them for a while to see any signs of hacks and once i have a confirmed answer i will do whats right.

Scenario #4 - A Person comes on to the server and starts advertising/or is being a griefer How would you best handle this situation? For advertisement i would kick them with a warning and if they join back and keep going i would instantly ban them, but for greifers i would just ban them straight up.

Scenario #5- A Player starts abusing another member of the community after a joke gets out of hand what would you do next? I would tell them why its wrong and what the consequences will be if they continue. (Demoted, etc.)

Scenario #6- A Player starts to become abusive with you after you have made a decision that you are unsure of due to insufficient facts from another player. What do you do? Mute him/her until he/she has calmed down and then unmute and talk to he/she in a calm manner.

Scenario #7- A player complains that he is being insulted and abused in a way, what do you do?: Tell him off strictly and if he ignores me and continues to be rude i will temp ban for about 30 minutes

Do You Know How To Use //wand(E.G. World Edit)? Yes, i have some building experience and alot of experience with //wand

What can you bring to the Empiregaming Staff and the Community? (60 Words or more) I can bring a better environment for new players and old players, by always keeping it fun and interesting and by being no hackers nor rude players. I will tell off any one who is talking disrespectful towards anyone and mute if they do not stop.
If you accept me i will be very happy and appreciate it alot Very Happy




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