Kyle France Police Whitelisting Application


Kyle France Police Whitelisting Application

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Teamspeak Name: Kyle France

In Game Name: Kyle France

Player ID: 76561198153917187

Age: 15

Hours played as an officer: 20

Hours played in ArmA 3:373

Who are your two referrals?:Idk none

Have you ever been kicked or banned from our servers? Why and how long?:2 hours A3L For stealing a EMS's vehicle it was my first time playing.

Why would you like to become a white listed officer (100 words)?:Because I want to do some thing different with my Arma life most of the time I'm a civilian and it gets pretty repetitive, I also want to be on the other side of the law. I've never been white listed except for when I had to, to play on Housos Arma Life. I also the love role play that you have to do when arresting someone for different crimes. Basically I just want a new life like I said I've never been a actual cop like white listed so I thought I would try out. Smile (96)

What would you like to bring to the police department(100 words)?:A Officer who is good at taking orders not really dishing them but someone who is good at taking orders listening and shooting people if we have declared obviously. I wish to bring lots of bad criminals in by arresting them and taking doz asses to jail I also want to bring lots of good role play no twelve year old RDMing bullshit where there just screaming and running round with guns and shooting shit. An Officer who would be an law abiding citizen who does not control the law but who enforces it of course. Smile (96)




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