FarmingtonS9 App


FarmingtonS9 App

Post by FarmingtonS9 on Fri Jan 01, 2016 6:52 pm

Teamspeak Name:

In Game Name:

Player ID: 76561198027376427

Age: 17

Hours played as an officer: 200 hours

Hours played in ArmA 3: 790 hours

Who are your two referrals?: kris, K9_6000

Have you ever been kicked or banned from our servers? Why and how long?: No, I am not shit Smile

Why would you like to become a white listed officer (100 words)?: Because I can order other police members around effectively and be able to respond to situations such as the Federal Reserve easy. I have had previous experience as police officer on other servers such as Ozzygaming, in which I am an Inspector (or 1 star officer).
What would you like to bring to the police department(100 words)?: I can bring nothing more than what a police officer is expected to do on his duty.




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